Sunday, August 20th, 2017

A great week in Sports

The NBA and Stanley Cup Finals both got underway this week. California Chrome goes for the Triple Crown on Saturday; they decide the French Open this weekend and the U.S. Open starts next week!

The $100 million man

The San Francisco 49ers made Colin Kaepernick the newest $100 million dollar quarterback this week by finalizing a six-year deal worth $126 million with $61 million guaranteed. The new contract secures Kaepernick through 2020 and the $61 million sets a new NFL record for guaranteed money.

Kaepernick’s contract has set the bar for all future QB contracts. Andrew Luck must have a smile on his face right now. Luck, who looks to sign a deal soon, can now use Kaeperknick’s contract as a bargaining chip. Luck is the best young QB in the NFL and knows how vital he is to the Colts success.

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson will also ink a new contract soon. Believe it or not, Wilson is not even the highest paid QB on his team right now. That will change soon. He could easily demand over $100 million and the Sea-hawks will have to cough it up.

$126 million is definitely a lot for a quarterback…..especially a quarterback in only his third full NFL season as starter. However, just to put it in perspective, Tony Romo signed a 6-year $108 million contract last year. Who would you rather have? I’d take Kaepernick.

The NFL is a quarterback driven league, now more than ever. If your team doesn’t have a top 10 quarterback, you can pretty much kiss a chance at a Super Bowl goodbye. Are you listening Buffalo?

Here’s your fun fact of the week….

The $2-billion sale price for the Los Angeles Clippers is greater than the gross national product of 30 countries including Somalia, Grenada and the Solomon Islands.


A very happy birthday to my younger brother Devin, who turns 30 on Sunday (June 8). For those of you who don’t know him, he is hard-working, funny, driven and extremely smart……which is good, since I got all the looks. Happy birthday buddy!