Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

5 Things We’ve Learned This NFL Season

We’re already a quarter of the way through the 2013 NFL season. This is the time when good teams begin to emerge and the bad teams show their true colors. Here are a few things we’ve learned so far.

Peyton Manning is a great quarterback.
He’s also a far better quarterback than his brother Eli. Remember when the Giants won their second Super Bowl title and Eli was not only being compared to his brother, but many wondered if he was actually better than Peyton? I think that debate has been settled.

Watching the Broncos dominate teams this year, it’s hard to believe that anyone is going to beat them.
In two weeks the winless Jacksonville Jaguars will visit Denver. The team that’s scored the fewest points and given up the most in the AFC visits the team that’s scored the most points in the NFL. It may be a recipe for the largest point spread in NFL history.

The New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers are as bad as their record shows.
Both of these clubs lost this past weekend and moved to 0-4. Each week we wonder if it is a case of bad luck or if they were really this bad. The answer…..they are really that bad. At least the Steelers showed a little life in London as they attempted a late game comeback, only to fall short to the Vikings. The Steelers haven’t started 0-4 in close to 50 years. This certainly isn’t the Steeler’s year, but it won’t be too long before they start to turn it around.

The Giants on the other hand have showed no sign of caring this season. I will be surprised if they win more than 2 to 3 games. I have a feeling that one of those wins may come at home against the Eagles this week. The only thing they have going for them is they play in the NFC East.
Tom Brady can make almost any wide receiver a good one.

Going into the season things weren’t looking great for the Patriots…..Brady lost almost all of his offensive weapons from the previous year and injuries depleted his options. A few weeks back we saw a frustrated Brady on the sidelines yelling at one of his young receivers. Fast forward and the Patriots sit at 4-0. Rookie Kenbrell Thompkins had six catches for 127 yards last week and Julian Edelman added seven catches for 118 yards.

Just because you throw a lot of money at a player doesn’t make them an elite player.
Both Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan have struggled through the first four games and both got big pay days this off-season. In the end some players are only as good as the players around them.

There are always some huge surprises each season.
The Miami Dolphins and the Tennessee Titans are both 3-1 to start the season and the Kanasas City Chiefs are undefeated. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Falcons have only one win so far. The Cleveland Browns are 3-0 after trading away their best offensive player and switching to their third string quarterback. Who knew?

How did I do last week?
Last Week: 7-8, Overall: 36-27, Locks of the week: 7-2, Upset Special: 2-4. I need to stop believing that the Bills will win and the Browns will lose.
Locks of the Week:
N.Y. Jets at Atlanta | Winner: Atlanta
Detroit at Green Bay | Winner: Green Bay
Denver at Dallas | Winner: Denver

Upset Special:
Seattle at Indianapolis | Winner: Indianapolis
Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants | Winner: N.Y. Giants
New England at Cincinnati | Winner: Cincinnati

The Rest:
Baltimore at Miami | Winner: Baltimore
New Orleans at Chicago | Winner: Chicago
Jacksonville at St. Louis | Winner: St. Louis
Kansas City at Tennessee | Winner: Kansas City
Carolina at Arizona | Winner: Carolina
Houston at San Francisco | Winner: San Francisco
San Diego at Oakland | Winner: San Diego
N.Y. Giants at Chicago (10/10 Thursday) | Winner: Chicago