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It was oh, so much easier back then

Sometimes we take a bit of chiding when we first give people our e-mail address: It seems that when we first opened our e-mail…

The definition of mentally ill

Yet another mass shooting, this time in the Nation’s capital. Twelve people lost their lives, plus the shooter. The media jumped on the mental illness…
A case of like father, like son?

A case of like father, like son?

After an undercover Computer Forensic Investigator obtained pictures of children performing sexual acts over the internet, an investigation was initiated by the New York State Police – Computer Crimes Unit – Troop E in Farmington. The pictures were allegedly sent to the undercover officer by Steven E. Lewis, age 37, of 6977 Knickerbocker Road in the Town of Ontario. Police raided the house on Tuesday (1/25), armed with a search warrant. They seized Steven’s computer out of his bedroom. The seizure resulted in a substantial amount of computer data and hardware.